Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance is the Nucleus of a Successful Operation

Maintenance of your commercial kitchen equipment is the major factor in maintaining a successful business. Properly maintained equipment is the nucleus of your operation. The definition of a nucleus is that it controls and regulates the activities around its center. Simply stated, when your equipment is running smoothly, your workers and customers are happy. Let’s explore the benefits of proper commercial kitchen equipment maintenance.

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Helps Prevent High Energy Bills
Not maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment results in having equipment in subpar condition. Your equipment will consume more energy and generate an inferior performance, thus increasing your energy bills. Regular maintenance is the best solution to achieve optimal equipment performance resulting in lower energy bills.

Allows you to Steer Clear of Equipment Malfunction
Proper maintenance can increase equipment performance and help you avoid equipment malfunction. Equipment malfunction at any time can affect the flow of your operation. If your machine breaks down, you may not have a warranty, you may not be able to replace the machine or part in time to continue operations resulting in a possible huge loss of income and in your reputation.

Increases Longevity of your Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Case in point, you bought your equipment 5-10 years ago, but you haven’t been regularly maintaining it. You see that the efficiency in speed and output is decreasing. Your actions in effect are decreasing the longevity of your equipment possibly prompting you to replace the equipment or parts before their time. Regular maintenance can prevent this occurrence and allow you to receive the optimal longevity of your equipment.

Helps Maintain Your Positive Reputation
Poor maintenance always results in an unfavorable impression of your equipment and your business in general. You don’t want a customer, worker, stakeholder to walks into your kitchen and see equipment that is greasy, not properly maintained, rundown looking etc. This is a bad reflection on your business, putting a stain on your reputation. Once again, regular maintenance can prevent this occurrence.

Avoids Complete Meltdown of Your Staff During Peak Times
Imagine this: You own a thriving restaurant and it’s Saturday night, the day before Mother’s Day. One of your integral pieces of equipment breaks down. You call a commercial equipment repair man, he comes in, assesses the situation, and says you need a part that is no longer made. You will now need to get a new piece of equipment and it won’t be in until next week. Avoid this situation by hiring a commercial equipment preventive maintenance company that are experts on your equipment that will maintain your equipment and advise you on whether you need new equipment.

Ensures Production Never Slows
A good commercial equipment preventive maintenance company will implement a regular maintenance routine. They will coordinate with your downtimes to maintain and repair during these times to prevent failure during busy times. You don’t want to be under the gun to get it done and have an unexperienced repairman use tape and gum to haphazardly fix your priceless equipment.

Prevent Costly Equipment Failures
If your commercial kitchen equipment fails, perishable fruits, vegetables, steaks, and other stocked items can be ruined. This could amount to 1,000’s of dollars and a shutdown of your kitchen and business. Avoid this by hiring the right commercial kitchen maintenance and repair company.

ROI on Old Kitchen Equipment – Increase Profit Margins
You can’t realistically expect the same performance for unmaintained equipment as for those pieces that are routinely maintained. Equipment has a lifespan and will need to be replaced after time for better efficiency, energy savings and to save money in general. With old equipment, availability on parts becomes scarce and sometimes parts may become obsolete.

Overall, it’s best to partner with experts to ensure your equipment has a warranty and maintenance program for your equipment to serve you efficiently and generate the best revenue for your business.

You can count on PRO-PLUS and our commercial kitchen equipment specialists. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to maintain, install, and perform warranty service on both foreign and domestic equipment.

We guarantee our work and parts – we use OEM parts and perform service in accordance with manufacturer specifications. At PRO-PLUS, our dedicated field team of technicians are equipped with service vans stocked with replacement parts to fix your commercial kitchen equipment on the first visit – that is our goal. Whether preparing for an inspection or handling an emergency repair outside of normal business hours, we are your 24/7/365 service company.

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