PRO-PLUS Services

PRO-PLUS offers a multitude of services customized to our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on completing the job right the first time within an exceptional response window. Contact us for more information on how we can help your facility.

Cooking Equipment Repair

Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair

Refrigeration Equipment Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

HVAC Repair

Commercial Kitchen HVAC Repair

Preventative Maintenance

Commercial Kitchen Preventative Maintenance

24/7/365 Emergency Repair

Emergency Commercial Kitchen Repair

Warranty Service

Commercial Kitchen Warranty Service

Installation Services

Commercial Kitchen Installations


Commercial Kitchen Overhauls

Bakery Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Bakery Equipment Services

PRO-PLUS handles all types of kitchen equipment and bakery equipment, factory trained and direct supply of replacement parts, makes a good choice for your service needs.

We work closely with many of the manufactures, both domestic and foreign to make sure we are up on the technology to give your shop, the best service available in the NY region.

PRO-PLUS has, and will continue to invest in training to make sure our technicians are up to speed with the latest in test equipment and troubleshooting technique.

We have technicians on or team who are, and have been trained on ABS, Hobart, REVENT, BAKERS AID, AND BAKERY AID equipment.

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